Mommy’s Angel

On September 8, 2011, in Mom, by Mom

Dear Stephanie,

The day you were born you became my ‘Angel’. You had a lot of nicknames, but that was the one you liked best. When you could talk you would tell everyone (even random strangers) ‘I’m Mommy’s Angel’. As you got older, and sometimes misbehaved, you frequently reminded me ‘don’t forget I’m your angel!’ You have always been and will always be my angel.

I miss you so much – you left us so suddenly and the world feels a little empty without your larger than life personality, dazzling smile and huge heart. I want you to know that having you for a daughter was an amazing gift. As your mom there were a lot of things I tried to teach you, but you taught me so much too:

You taught me love
You taught me patience
You taught me to laugh at myself and life in general
You taught me that its important to be a little goofy sometimes
You taught me that its okay for the world to be an imperfect place
You taught me that a lot of problems can be solved with ice cream
You taught me to be brave and stand up for myself
You taught me that I’m stronger than I ever thought
And you taught me the true meaning of ‘shop till you drop’

When you were small you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I told you I still hadn’t decided, I just wanted my life to be an adventure. Having you as my daughter has been the greatest adventure. Every day was a new experience and a new way of looking at the world. I wish you were still here to share the rest of life’s adventures with me. Every time I try something new, laugh instead of cry, or step out of my comfort zone it will be because of you.

I love you cutie, you’ll always be my angel.


One Response to Mommy’s Angel

  1. adam underwood says:

    To my sister,

    You’ve loved, you’ve lost
    in storms were tossed,
    but never knew the way

    she’s gone from us
    but still we found
    joy along the way

    I wont forget
    how much I wept
    when she went away

    Because I know
    that someday
    we will see her again.

    She’s too damn ornery to keep quiet anyways.
    I love you Lisa. Remember, little brother is always here, OK.

    P.S. I wish I could have been there for her ceremony, and for you. The pictures were beautiful, and I am sure she was there and happy.

    Love, Adam