Stephanie’s Family

On August 15, 2011, in Family, by Dad

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  1. Grammom and Grampa Tree says:

    Well, Stephanie… Today you would have been 22, and I’m sure even prettier than ever! We all still miss you, and hope that you are happy up in Heaven. Your great-grandmother (Grampa’s mother) just got there on Christmas Eve, so maybe you were in her welcoming party? We know that she is happy with Grandpa Tree, who died in 1970, and that they have a special assignment to “watch over their posterity.” That’s pretty cool!

    Your family now lives in sunny L.A., and I’m sure that you would love being around there, enjoying the sunshine and the beach while the rest of us are freezing! I know that you’d also get a kick out of riding in your dad’s new car! He took both Grampa and me for rides, and wow…that thing really goes fast! You’d also love your two little brothers; they’re getting so cute! And Connor is getting very handsome, too. I know you’d be proud!

    Well, we just wanted to send this little message up to you, Stephanie. Happy Birthday from all of us down here, until we meet again…

    With love, Grammom and Grampa Tree

  2. Grammom Tree says:

    Well, it’s been another year now, Stephanie… Hopefully you are getting used to Heaven by now, and have made lots of new friends. We all still miss you down here, especially your family, and I know you would be having fun in California now that they have moved there. But we hope that you are happy where you are, and that you have fond memories of your all-too-short life down here. Don’t forget us! Love, Grammom and Grampa Tree

  3. Grammom and Grampa Tree says:

    Well, it’s been a year now, Stephanie, and your family has somehow continued to laugh and love, but yes, they also cry, as they think of that painful day just one year ago when some of the light left their lives. Your new little brother has brought much joy into their home, but there will always be a big hole where you should be. When we took our family reunion pictures this summer, we all thought of you and wished you could have been there with us too, to get to know some of the aunts and uncles and cousins that you probably never even met. Your two great-grandmothers on our side of the family are now 94 and 90, and it probably won’t be too much longer before they show up in Heaven, so when they do, please give them a big hug and welcome them there. We hope that you are happy, but please don’t forget the rest of us down here who love you and miss you, and still feel cheated that you left us too soon! Until we see you again, don’t ever forget… Trees are forever! Love, Grammom and Grampa Tree

  4. Tim Tree says:

    Stephanie, one of my favorite memories with you was right after New Years in January 1998. We came to visit you and your family in Minneapolis for New Years and then everyone went home for the holidays. Your Mom and Dad had to go on some trip and they asked if I would stay at your house and watch you for a few days. I was more than happy to do that. We had a great time. We would watch Disney movies together, including your favorite movie “Anastasia.” You watched that over and over. We even went out and braved the Minnesota snow to go to McDonalds a few times. How you loved those french fries. I had so much fun with you. Miss and love you tons.
    Uncle Tim

  5. Melissa Iorg says:

    Love you Stef!!! Miss you so much

  6. Alex says:

    Happy 20th birthday

  7. Grammom and Grampa Tree says:

    Happy 20th Birthday, Stephanie! We wish you could be here to celebrate it with your family and your friends, but we hope that you are celebrating up in Heaven! (Do they have birthdays in Heaven? I hope so…it will be fun to be millions of years old, won’t it? And just think…we’ll still look good then!) We miss you, and we know your family misses you terribly. You would’ve had fun campaigning with your dad as he runs for Congress, and I know he would’ve appreciated your enthusiasm and your help! Well, at least try to send down some special messages with your new little brother when he arrives in a few weeks…

    Much love, now and forever…Grammom and Grampa Tree

  8. Danielle says:

    I miss you very much and I wish you were here with us.

  9. Alex says:

    what will happen now that you are gone? Thinking of you everyday.

  10. adam underwood says:

    I’m having a rough night, emotionally, and thinking about Stephanie a lot lately. She could always make me laugh, and not many people can do that. I don’t want to drag this out, so I want to always remember Steffie as the one to light up a room, to scandalize grandma, and make Uncle Adam giggle in response. I miss you, Stephanie, always and forever, until I get to see you again.

    Love, Adam

  11. danielle says:

    i’ve been thinking of you a lot.

  12. adam underwood says:

    I am sorry it has taken me so long to speak, but i was so sad about steffie’s passing. I loved her almost as much as her parents did, and it was really hard on me that she left so early. my first reaction was anger, because how could you do that to people that love you? But the more I think about it, maybe we could have done more, and you would still be here. I don’t know, but I also know you were a lot like me, and wouldn’t accept help anyway. I loved you more than you will ever know. If any of steffie’s friends read this, please don’t do this to your parents. Get help, get right, and don’t ever have to have an o.d. call to your mom and dad. Mom’s, especially, are the best friend you can get. I love you forever steffie, I will miss you and keep you in my heart always.

    Uncle Adam

  13. Tom & Nancy Tree says:

    We miss you Stephanie. We didn’t know you as well in your older years but I remember when you were much younger and your happy smiling face – complete with 2 front teeth missing. Those were happy times…

    You are definitely in a better place and we know you are at peace with no worries. You’ll have to give me a good tour of heaven when I arrive there myself someday. Keep a seat warm for me!

    We love you!

    Love, Tom (and Nancy and kids)

  14. Chelisa Tree says:

    We love you and your family, and look forward to when we can be with you again. I wish we had more time with you.

  15. Grammom and Grampa Tree says:

    You left us too soon, Stephanie! We so looked forward to sharing your life for a long time, and now we have to wait until we get up to Heaven to see you again! You were always so much fun, with your crazy hair colors and your zest for getting all that you could out of Life! We hope that you are happy where you are, and that you miss all of us. We know that your parents and your siblings all miss you like crazy, but we – your old grandparents – miss you too! Just remember how much we all love you, and that we look forward to being with you when we get to Heaven too! And don’t ever forget…Trees are Forever!
    Much love for now, and then forever, Grammom and Grampa Tree

  16. Alex says:

    Why did you have to go?

  17. Danielle says:

    I want you back, Stephanie

  18. Connor says:

    I miss you, Stephanie.

    • Blake says:

      Connor i know you must of loved her a lot
      Just keep a smile on your face when you think of her and think of all the good things you did with her