And now it’s been 3 years…

On August 15, 2014, in Dad, by Dad

Dear Stephanie,

Well, as I said last year on this day, I don’t think the age-old adage that time heals all wounds was meant for a father who lost his precious daughter…  Nothing about this gets easier, but at least I can talk about you from time to time without crying.  So I suppose that is progress.

I’m actually able to show iPhone videos of your to your brothers and sisters without totally losing it in front of them, so I guess that’s progress too.

We’ve enjoyed this past year in Southern California, and know that you would have loved it too.  Of course you’d be 22 years old right now, so probably not living at home with us, but we would obviously be hoping that you would visit as often as possible!  We took the “little three” to Paris and London over the Summer, and that was fun.  We don’t call them the “little three” anymore, however.  They’re now the “biggies” now, since the two little boys consider them so big 🙂

We all miss you like crazy, and think about you all the time.

All my love,



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